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Learning a second language begins in the Montessori nursery. 
Infant French concentrates on conversation and Junior French moves on to written work.  In Junior 4 we introduce Latin because of its importance in the development of many modern languages.  We also introduce Spanish, Italian and Japanese to the Juniors.

Design & Technology

Our objective is to help children identify needs, then plan, present and evaluate their solutions.  They complete a progressive series of tasks leading up to Junior 4, where they develop technical design skills.

Art & Design

A range of activities develops the children’s imagination and power of expression.  They look at the work of designers, artists and craftsmen which helps them to develop ideas and to understand the role of visual arts.


Our specialist music teacher provides our children with plenty of opportunities to compose and perform their own music.  Many sing in the choir, at school concerts and church services.  The majority of our children receive individual music lessons and play in the school orchestra.