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Children start by understanding living things and what we humans need to be healthy.  Then they progress through the properties of materials and concepts of forces and electricity to develop a broad general knowledge of science.  The Juniors use the dedicated Science Room to carry out practical experiments and investigations.

Information and Communication Technology

Children use technology as a natural part of the learning process. They start by using simple programs, progress to creating text and graphics and then model and process data. They also use computers to access information in many of their subjects. The interactive whiteboards in every classroom are a key teaching tool. Our dedicated ICT suite has a network of computers and other equipment, including digital recorders, video cameras and a variety of control devices. Many of the older children join our lively desk-top publishing club.


We cover a mix of topics in British, European and World history, and wherever possible create links with other subjects in the curriculum. 
The rich local history of Stratford-upon-Avon and the surrounding area gives us many opportunities for interesting visits.


All children have a natural sense of wonder about the world they see around them.  We follow a series of geographical themes in both physical and human geography, and relate them to the local area with plenty of fieldwork.