Stratford Preparatory School

  • Independent preparatory school located in the Old Town of Stratford-upon-Avon
  • Approximately 160 children
  • Mixed gender, day school
  • Montessori nursery for ages 2 - 4
  • Main school for ages 4-11
  • All children follow a full curriculum and prepare for the 11+ and private school entrance examinations
  • No religious affiliation, but emphasis on Christian values and understanding of other religions
  • Active Parents Association


Our Aims and Ethos
Stratford Preparatory School offers the advantage of being small.  Each teacher knows every one of our children.  Every child has individual needs and in a school of this size we can take care of them.  Our aim is to provide a caring community in which each individual is valued.
A family orientated environment.  Parents are genuinely encouraged to participate. The relationship between staff and pupils is seen as the basis for growth and achievement in both academic and social terms.  The two are complementary.  We are concerned to devise a balanced curriculum, which will suit the needs of every pupil, and to operate a system of pastoral care, which attempts to encourage each child to achieve his or her full potential.
High academic standards.  All our teachers are graduates and we achieve excellent results, yet we have no entrance exam and there is no selection later in the school.
A certain amount of formality, with an ' old fashioned' emphasis on good behaviour and respect for others.
A straight forward approach to education.  We simply work hard to provide the education we would want for our own children.
In associating ourselves with these aims we accept the importance of continually assessing the needs of young people and we trust in the co-operation of the staff as we seek to offer the best possible education to all our pupils.
The overall aim of education should be:

"To help the individual to be true to the best of himself; to develop his talents to the full; to learn the basis of understanding himself, his family, his community, and the world; and to do all this while developing respect for the beliefs, character and talents of others."  Michael Marland.